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Tentative 2021 6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal Mountain Bike Race 10/2/2021 

Results for 2020 Virtual 6 Hours in the Basin

All the proceeds from this virtual event will go to Commonweal Conservancy to help expand and maintain the Galisteo Basin Trail System.  Use this event as motivation to ride and push your limits while supporting a great trail system.  

This is a mountain bike event so please use a mountain bike for your ride(s). You pick the time and trails for your ride(s). This is necessary for our handicap system to be as fair as possible. This event is going to be a little different in that there are only going to be 2 categories: Male and Female. We will use a handicap system to equalize everyone into just two categories, Male and Female. This is the same system used in the TransPortugal 8 day mountain bike race. Thus you will need to enter Male or Female in your appropriate age category and we will make the handicap adjustments for you.  

Just like the actual race, you can keep pushing all the way to the end (6 Hours), or decide if you've had enough before then.  Unlike the actual race, you can do up to 6 hours of riding in 1, 2, or even 3 riding sessions.  You will keep track of your mileage and elevation climbed. Top finishers must also meet the criteria of having a minimum of 4,000 feet of climbing for their ride(s).   At the end of your 6 hours, please send us your exact total time (6 Hours or less), exact number of miles, and elevation in feet climbed. We will then handicap your results using the following formula: Female 14%, M & F Over 40 years of age, 41-45, 2%; 46-50, 5%; 51-55, 9%; 56-60, 14%; 61-65, 19%; 66-69, 24%; 70+, 30%.  For example if a female is 55 her handicap is 23%.  It sounds complicated, but we will do all the math for you and announce the winners 5 deep in each category M & F. We will announce the winners after 8/15/2020. There will be prizes in the form of coupons good for all 2021 CORE Crew events. Please make sure to send us your results as soon as you complete the challenge. When sending us your results include the name you registered for this event with, your age, sex and contact email so we can communicate with you if necessary. We have made the following form for you which includes this vital information. Please submit your results by midnight August 15th, 2020.

Result form (please click on link) :


Have fun, be safe and remember you are riding for a good cause: your continued good health and the Galisteo Basin Preserve trail system.

Thanks for signing up!

The CORE Crew


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